5 Star Disinfection

HypoX® brings a 5 Star solution to your disinfection & oxidation requirements. It is now possible to have an Effective, Economical, Safe, Green and Reliable solution at the same time!

How many stars you have?

Compare your current disinfection solution with five (5) HypoX® criteria and ask the question: How many stars you have now in your current disinfection?

Invest for 5 Star Disinfection!...

Stop buying chemicals for your disinfection and invest in HypoX® for once. HypoX® will pay back its investment quickly with its much higher effective and economic operation. Please contact  
us to calculate your project and return of investment.

The value of each Star!

Your current disinfection can be economic but not safe and not effective. Or another solution can be effective but too expensive to operate. Evaluating your disinfection solution in 5 criteria is essential to see the real frame of your solution.


HypoX® is one of the fastest disinfectant on Earth that have a residual capability. The chemical synergy of fresh produced Hypochlorite + Mix Oxidants opens another era in disinfection solutions.


HypoX® only consumes SALT + ELECTRIC + WATER. Compared to the purchased chemicals, HypoX® brings a profitable investment in the economy and short investment depreciation.


HypoX® is a liquid under 1% concentration and 8,5 - 9,5 pH value, which is out of all safety requirements of EPA and WHO. You can now stop the safety requirements and danger of Chlorine Gas, Chlorine Dioxide, etc.


Stop all plastic packages of chemicals. Reduce dangerous chemical transportation min. 10 times with only salt transportation of HypoX®. Produce exactly as much as you consume and decrease your carbon footprint by eliminating the chemical degrade, etc. Choose a Greener disinfection for our world.


HypoX® is an electrolysis system with a simple, reliable and flow based operation. It is developed, manufactured and tested in Kemisan® İzmir Factory with 40 years of experience. HypoX® is manufactured with the standards of CE, ISO and TSE.

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