Sivas SİBESKİ meets the drinking water need of Sivas center by treating the water in world standards which been recieved from ''4 Eylül'' dam.

Due to the smell and safety risks of gas chlorine, HypoX® LX10000 Mix Oxidant Generator was invested, as a result of 1 year of research by SİBESKİ authorities for an alternative to gas chlorine.

In addition, when chlorination was performed with gas chlorine in the dosage amount of 0.6 ppm, it was barely possible to measure residual chlorine at the end of the city distribution lines. Although the same amount (0.6 ppm) was dosed with HypoX® Mix Oxidant system, it was reported that 0.3 - 0.4 ppm residual started to reach at the end and did not cause any chlorine smell.


Project Owner

Commissioning Date

Waived Disinfectant
Gas Chlorine Cl2

Preferred Disinfectant
On-site Mix Oxidant Solution

Preferred Model
HypoX® LX 10000

Preferred Electrolyser Configuration
1 Main + 0 Standby

Instant Maximum Production Capacity
10000g/h 100%Cl2

Application Area
Drinking Water Chlorination


Purpose of the Project

  • To treat drinking water with an effective, safe and economical disinfection system.
  • To bring the value of the processed water emerging out of the plant, below the acceptable values.
  • To eliminate the measures that need to be taken for the chlorine gas and the necessary investments.
  • Minimize the smell of the chlorine in the city distribution lines.


Achievements With Project

  • With the efficient performance of HypoX®, maximum safety level has been reached in the facility and surrounding area.
  • By the project, have been reached to maximum job safety.
  • Foreign dependence of the institution formed during the purchase of chlorine, which is available from a limited number of producers, and external dependence with the production of chlorine in its own structure have disappeared.


Savings By The Project

  • Minimized the level of safety training staff must attempt with max level.
  • Cost of commercial chlorine.
  • Time and labor force during the chlorine purchase auctions.
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