• On-site Mix Oxidant Generator

    HypoX® is a Mix Oxidant Generator as we can also say the next generation of Clorel®. The chemical synergy of Fresh and Mix Oxidants on besides hypochlorite opens another era in disinfection & oxidation results. The speed and power of HypoX® guarantees to solve important problems like Biofilm, Odor, Legionella, and Strong Pathogens. High disinfection performance of HypoX® makes it an effective, economic, green and safe alternative mainly to chlorine and other biocides.

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  • On-site Sodium Hypochlorite Generator

    Clorel® is an OSG* (On-site Sodium Hypochlorite Generator) that produces low pH-natural Sodium Hypochlorite only from Salt, Electric & Water. Clorel® is the safest, greenest and economic alternative to commercial gas chlorine and/or hypochlorite. 

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  • On-site Seawater Electrochlorination

    Clorel® SEA uses seawater rather than salt to produce low pH-natural Sodium Hypochlorite to prevent Mussels & Pathogens as an alternative to chlorine and derivative chemicals. Clorel® SEA brings an enormous economy, safety, and ease of operation especially in large-scale seawater cooling systems like seaside power plants and wastewater treatment plants as an alternative to chlorine and other biocides.

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  • Electrode Catalytic Coating & Repairing

    Kemisan® has an independent facility for electrode manufacturing, coating and repairing under Carad® brand. This is the know-how of Kemisan® to develop more effective disinfectants by improving the electrode coatings and configurations.

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