MASKİ brought the safety limits of the Gürle natural water supply that runs through the municipal lines of the city to the higher limits with natural disinfection ability of mix oxidant solution from the brine system.

As the search of the competent body and their on-site visit to the example facilities that is active for a long time, the purchase was decided of the HypoX ® On-site Mix Oxidant Generator.

Project Owner

Commissioning Date

Waived Disinfectant
Commercial NaOCl

Preferred Disinfectant
On-site Mix Oxidant Solution

Preferred Model
HypoX® LX 2000

Preferred Electrolyser Configuration
1 Main + 0 Standby

Instant Maximum Production Capacity
2000g/h 100%Cl2

Application Area
Drinking Water Chlorination


Purpose of the Project

  • To treat drinking water with an effective, safe and economical disinfection system.
  • To provide the most natural state of the water from the source to the public.
  • Prevente odor problems of commercial sodium hypochlorie.
  • To provide the economy.


Achievements With Project

  • With the efficient performance of HypoX®, the contamination of the lines was eliminated and the chlorine smell disappeared.
  • The maximum level of safety has been achieved.
  • Foreign-source dependence of the institution occurs during the purchase step of chlorine, which is produced by a limited number of manufacturers, has been eliminated by the institution started to produce their own hypochlorite.


Savings By The Project

  • Minimized the level of safety training staff must attempt with max level.
  • Cost of commercial chlorine.
  • Time and labor force during the chlorine purchase auctions.