What is “periodical cell cleaning”?

The hardness (calcium and magnesium) coming from salt is depositing on electrode surfaces because of natural electrolysis chemistry. These deposits need to be clean with a simple periodical cleaning with diluted 5% HCl acid in electrolysis systems. 

Can I use my available Sodium Hypochlorite Dosing Pump(s) ?

The chlorine concentration of commercial Sodium Hypochlorite (NaOCl) is generally 100-160 gr/lt in average, where HypoX® has 7gr/lt chlorine concentration.  Briefly, compared to the commercial Sodium Hypochlorite, we need more HypoX® in volume to dose the same amount of chlorine. So, available Sodium Hypochlorite pumps will probably be small to dose HypoX®.

Is Gas Chlorine(Cl2) more powerful because its 100% concentrated ?

Absolutely No! Concentration per liter is not important as a chemical form but it is important how much we dose by volume. We only need to dose more volume if per liter chemical concentration is lower. So, the total dosage amount of chlorine will be the same at the end. HypoX® shows better disinfection/oxidation results when compared with gas chlorine by using multi-oxidant advantage where gas chlorine is a single-oxidant.

What is “100% chlorine based” means ?

All chlorine-based disinfectants such as HypoX® Mix Oxidant, Sodium Hypochlorite or Hypochlorous Acid Generators indicates their active ingredient capacity as 100% Chlorine(Cl2) however, these generators are not producing 100% Chlorine. These capacities indicated the quantity of dissolved chlorine in the product. For example, commercial Sodium Hypochlorite(NaOCl) contains 150gr/lt Cl2 and HypoX® contains 7gr/lt 100% dissolved chlorine in their liquid forms.

How much chlorine and other mix oxidants it contains ?

HypoX® contains different combinations of 4 ions as Sodium, Chlorine, Oxygen, and Hydrogen. 7gr/lt chlorine is the major content in HypoX®, where other oxidants are minor in concentration but very effective to create the “chemical synergy” to upgrade the disinfection/oxidation performance.

Will I use ppm (mg/lt) to measure the chlorine level in my water after HypoXing?

Yes, ppm of chlorine(Cl2) is the major and widely official measurement method in our today’s world. So, the level of HypoXing can easily follow over chlorine level. Even lower ppm levels will give the same results with commercial chlorine due to additional mix oxidants ingredients of HypoX®.

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