ESAMUR decided HypoX® would be the most effective solution for the treatment plant in Murcia region and started disinfection with MX200.


Project Owner

Commissioning Date

Waived Disinfectant

Preferred Disinfectant
In situ Mix Oxidant Solution

Preferred Model
HypoX® MX 200

Preferred Electrolyser Configuration
1 Main + 0 Standby

Instant Maximum Production Capacity
200g/h 100%Cl2

Application Area
Wastewater Chlorination


Purpose of the Project

  • To create effective and economical disinfection in wastewater treatment.
  • To bring the value of the processed water emerging out of the plant, below the acceptable values.
  • Minimizing the bacteria colony that presents in the effluent water with efficient oxidation.
  • Biofilm removal of lines used inside and outside of the facility.
  • Switching to greener and sustainable technology by reducing electricity consumption during treatment.


Achievements With Project

  • The effective performance of HypoX® was stronger than anticipated, thus led to savings of salt and electric consumption.
  • By the project, have been reached to maximum job safety.


Savings By The Project

  • Electricity consumption of the UV system.