The swimming pool of Granada Luxury Belek Hotel (Turkey/Antalya), one of the largest swimming pools in Europe with a volume of 42.000 m3, is disinfected with HypoX® On-site Mix Oxidant Generator!

Granada Luxury Belek Technical Manager Murat Pınar told his experiences about electrochlorination system that produces on-site mix oxidant chlorine (sodium hypochlorite) with only salt, water and electricity instead of constantly purchasing chlorine and other chemicals from outside for Pool-Sauna Magazine.


Read the whole interview here, and learn the advantages that you will gain with ElectroChlorination System!

  • Stop buying chemicals!
  • Produce your own fresh & active chlorine-based mix-oxidant solution on-site, and prevent all bacteria!
  • Eliminate your biocide and reduce acid consumption!
  • Stop shock chlorination!
  • End your guest complaints due to allergic reactions!
  • Prevent the annoying chlorine smell!
  • Reduce your operation load!
  • Stop plastic waste!
  • Disinfect your pool in a safer and environmentally friendly way!


With HypoX® LX Series,

provide the most healthy and ecological swimming pool for your guests!


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