Pre Treatment

HypoX can reduce Disinfection By-Products such as TTHM and HAAS up to 50% hence is an unique chlorination solution for organic loaded waters. Additionally, HypoX® reduces the Flocculant and Coagulant consumptions in pre-treatment with its unique oxidation potential.

Post Treatment

The fast reacting mix oxidants in HypoX enable chlorine ions to travel further kilometers up to 50% more when compared with commercial chlorine. For the same distance, HypoX can leave up to double chlorine residual with the same dosing amount when compared with commercial chlorine. Moreover, HypoX totally eliminates the chlorine smell in drinking water by the help of its unique oxidation power.  

Swimming Pools and Aqua Parks

No more smell and skin irritation problems with HypoX, because no more bounded chlorine will occur in your swimming pool and No bacteria will be count even in low chlorine ppm levels. HypoX® promises another level of water quality standard for swimming pools and aqua parks.

Wastewater Treatment

Enabling the same oxidation with lower chlorine is the key benefit of HypoX® for reducing Disinfection by Products(DBPs). HypoX® also enables no bacterial count in even very low residual chlorine ppm values in Waste Water applications.

Industrial Process Water

HypoX® guarantees to remove and control Biofilm in process water lines, especially in warm process waters. Switching to HypoX® will immediately eliminate biocidal cocktail purchases for biofilm removal.

Surface Disinfection

HypoX® is the most effective but also the most economical method of surface disinfection. Imagine any surfaces such as trucks, food process tables, floors, hygiene required equipment, human gloves, boots, etc.

Animal Hygiene

HypoX® is a central disinfection solution of all kind of animal farms and milk process facilities with more than 10 applications in the same facility. Disinfecting the cages, breast tips, drinking waters, bedding areas, CIP tanks and so on... HypoX® brings another level of disinfection and economy to all farms of Cow, sheep or chicken… 

R.O. Process Water

Treatment of R.O. membranes with HypoX® enables quicker disinfection and much quicker rinsing thanks to low pH (8,5-9,5)/low caustic. HypoX® brings effective biofilm and algae prevention on membrane surfaces with lower dosages.

Food Washing

Enabling good disinfection with low volume is the key point of HypoX® on vegetables and fruits to prevent chemical residuals on food surfaces. HypoX® also brings much easier rising advantage due to low pH-low caustic value. At the total, HypoX is an ultimate solution to extend the shelf life of vegetables and fruits with no chemical deposits.

Cooling Waters

Eliminating the biofilm so increasing the cooling efficiency is the key benefit of HypoX® in Cooling Towers. HypoX® brings solid disinfection results with much economical operation than buying biocides and chemicals for cooling towers. 


HypoX® is a multi-capable solution for CIP applications. Very low caustic ingredients with low pH (8,5-9,5) value as well as the superior disinfection performance eliminate the chemicals like Alkali (Caustic), Hydrogen Peroxide(H2O2) and Acid consumption on CIP applications. HypoX® changes the chemical habits in CIP. 

Irrigation Water

HypoX® Greenhouse models work with Potassium Chloride(KCl) salt to produce Potassium Hypochlorite with mix oxidants, which is healing the strongest plant root diseases quickly and economically. You can definitely protect your greenhouse from pathogens under and above ground.

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