Considered to be the most important fair of the sector and held in 3rd time in Turkey, International Environmental Technologies Exhibition 'IFAT', took place between March 28 to 30 in Istanbul and Kemisan's HypoX® mixed oxidants generator was the most popular product by international visitors.

Participants from a wide range of geographies such as Canada, Brazil, India, South Korea, and most visitors from Africa and the Middle East showed great interest in HypoX®, which Kemisan displayed as the new solution for chlorination.

With 42 years of experience and R & D investment in electrolyzer design and manufacture Kemisan, plays an important role in the world as well be the one and only in Turkey, exhibited HypoX® brand mixed oxidant generator which produces oxygen, hydrogen peroxide, hypochlorous acid, the ozone, and hydroxyl radicals besides sodium hypochlorite in IFAT Eurasia. While transferring all the details of the sustainable, environmental and innovative disinfection solution provided by HypoX® to Kemisan visitors, the operation cost savings brought by the system to the enterprises was another issue that attracted the attention of the visitors.

The drinking water treatment and wastewater treatment plants authorities from abroad congratulated Kemisan for the technology it has designed and developed for the high impact of HypoX® mixed oxidant generator, as well as for the low operating costs.

In the product range of Kemisan, the on-site sodium hypochlorite generator Clorel® and the on-site seawater electrochlorination system Clorel®SEA have led to the understanding of the value of this technology with the potential solutions offered to enterprises, especially power plants.