ASKİ decided to set up the HypoX® On-Site Mixed Oxidant Generator in Ankara Pursaklar Water Treatment Center, which decided to replace all the dangers of gas chlorine, make more effective disinfection and provide operational convenience.

Project Owner

Commissioning Date

Waived Disinfectant
Cl2 Gas Chlorine

Preferred Disinfectant
On-site Mix Oxidant Solution

Preferred Model
HypoX® LX 6000

Preferred Electrolyser Configuration
2 Main + 0 Standby

Instant Maximum Production Capacity
12kg/h 100%Cl2

Application Area
Drinking-Water Chlorination


Purpose of the Project

  • To create an effective, safe and economical treatment.
  • To bring the values of the processed water in the plant, below the acceptable values, to reduce the chlorine smell in city lines to minimum levels.
  • Elimination of precautions and investments to be taken for chlorine gas.
  • Cleanse of the biofilm on lines that used inside and outside of the facility.


Achievements With Project

  • The effective performance of HypoX® enabled effective chlorination even with lower dosing than expected
  • By the project, have been reached to maximum job safety.
  • Maximum security level has been reached within and around the facility.
  • A decrease of up to 50% was observed in the ratio of TTHM.
  • Maximum levels of job safety have been reached.
  • Foreign dependence of the institution occurs during the purchase step of chlorine, which is produced by a limited number of manufacturers, has been eliminated by institution started to produce their own hypochlorite.


Savings By The Project

  • Financial saving of the gas chlorine neutralization system and operating costs of the system considered to be an investment.
  • Minimized the level of safety training staff must attempt with max level.
  • With the cancellation of the planned purchase of a gas chlorine leakage neutralization system that has a value worth of € 200,000, the institution saved that much amount of investment prior to HypoX® investment.
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