Kemisan® has been developing and manufacturing electrolysis technology since 1976 in İzmir, Turkey.

With the experience of 45 years in Chlor-Alkali and Electrochemistry, Today Kemisan® enables you to produce your own fresh disinfectant only from Salt and Electricity rather than buying packaged chemicals.

Kemisan® missions to improve the following 5 criteria in every new product lunch as;

- More Effective Chlorination

- More Economical Chlorination

- Safer Chlorination

- Greener Chlorination

- Most Reliable Chlorination


“The endless possibilities of electrolysis technology is the only way to reach better and better disinfection results” is the main vision of the company while celebrating its 45th year in 2021.

  • 1976 Kemisan 1976

    Started as a Chlor-Alkali plant with Diagram Electrolysis Cell Infrastructure

  • 1986 Kemisan 1986

    Designed and manufactured its first Chlor-Alkali membrane electrolysis.

  • 1995 Kemisan 1986

    Designed and manufactured its first DSA Anodes. Introduced Clorel® brand with the first generation of Clorel® Sodium Hypochlorite Generators. (OSG)

  • 2003 Kemisan 1986

    Decided to focus on developing disinfection solutions with onsite electrolysis technology. HypoX® branded generators are introduced for “Advanced Disinfection” solutions and Carad® for Anode Coating Services has started.

  • 2012 Kemisan 1986

    Kemisan® introduced its 4th generation Clorel® Sodium Hypochlorite Generators and HypoX®  Mix Oxidant Generators.

  • 2021 Kemisan 1986

    Celebrating the 45th Anniversary.

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