Tariş Alaşehir Üzüm Kooperatifi (grape cooperative), one of the leading raisin suppliers in Turkey, has left behind 10 years in advanced disinfection application with HypoX®, which has a significant effect on removing bacterial loads of raisins and extending their shelf life!

10 Years without Buying Chemicals

Tariş produces its own disinfectant by only using salt, water and electricity thanks to HypoX® On-site Mix Oxidant and Sodium Hypochlorite Generator developed by Kemisan, which started to be used in 2011 and has been providing many advantages in the field of food washing. In this way, Tariş has stopped all chemical purchases for the last 10 years, has gained operational independence by eliminating purchasing procedures and storage problems.

 Tariş, one of the leaders in the raisin market, has shortened the raisin washing and rinsing durations due to HypoX®'s superior and fast effective disinfection power which leaves no chemical residues, thus not only ensured the quality of the grapes but also achieved cost savings and operational advantages.


70% Cost Savings Against Commercial Hypochlorite

The fact that HypoX® On-Site Mix Oxidant Generators ensures establishments to save 70% against commercial chlorine and similar packaged disinfection products is one of the biggest factors in Tariş's transition to this system in 2011. On-site Mixed Oxidant Production becomes even more attractive for businesses, considering the savings it provides by eliminating chemical purchases, as well as operational costs, transportation costs, and costs occurred during product concentration loss during commercial products storage.

The covid-19 epidemic, which has affected the whole world, especially from the beginning of 2020, has caused a peak in the usage of packaged disinfectants against the fight with the virus and therefore an excess of demand was created that the manufacturers could not keep up with. The high demand for packaged disinfectants, including commercial chlorine, has created a significant cost increase for businesses. The ability of Tariş to produce its own disinfectant with the independent and sustainable technology, due to the smart investment they made 10 years ago, has enabled it not to be affected by the high cost and supply problems of packaged disinfectants also during the pandemic period.



High Product Quality with Short Washing and Rinsing Time Without Residue

Long washing and rinsing process times affect the product quality negatively due to the absorbing water tendency of foods such as raisins. By shortening the washing and rinsing times with HypoX®, Tariş has enabled its own high-quality raisins not to be affected by these negativities and to preserve the product quality. 

HypoX®, which is the most advanced version of electrochlorination technology today, can perform the disinfection process in the fastest way with the "Fresh Sodium Hypochlorite and Mixed Oxidants" it produces, unlike the standard disinfectants provided by other on-site production systems. The mix oxidant solution with a high oxidation value, which is produced and used freshly on-site, automatically shortens the required disinfection and rinsing time as because it kills bacterias with high oxidation capability yet does not leave any residue. This provides an increase in the product quality, cost savings and operational advantages for the enterprises.

Commercial sodium hypochlorite, which has a pH value measured around 13-14, contains 50 times more caustic (NaOH) than HypoX® On-site Mixed Oxidant Generator. The pH value of HypoX® solution, which is produced on-site caustic-free, is 9. In addition, in warm environments, the rate of residue left on food surfaces increases with the formation of disinfection by-products such as chlorate in commercial sodium hypochlorite. This means that disinfected foods are subjected to a longer “rinse” process to remove residues such as chlorate and caustic in accordance with food regulations.

Due to the high disinfection ability of HypoX® Mix Oxidant technology, proven in microbiological laboratories, it easily removes the microbiological load even in short washing durations, while at the same time it does not leave any residue as it does not form disinfection by-products such as chlorate.



Numerous Benefits in 10 Years with Zero Plastic Waste and 80% Less Transportation

With HypoX®'s advanced disinfection technology, Tariş has managed to significantly reduce its carbon footprint as well as to obtain its economic and operational gains. Thanks to HypoX®'s environmentally friendly and sustainable disinfection technology (Green-Disinfection), it has stopped the purchase of chemicals for the last 10 years, prevented the formation of plastic package wastes in which chemicals are transported. Also, it reduced traffic and harmful gas emissions by at least 80% by replacing the transportation of commercial sodium hypochlorite with salt. 


Don’t Compromise on Your Product Quality

Developed by Kemisan, HypoX® can provide the highest disinfection capability without leaving any residue, as well as giving your business an independent operation. Do not pollute your goods with commercial chemicals, which are classified as dangerous substances, and do not compromise on your product quality!

You can find out more about Future of Chlorination here or consult a Kemisan expert.

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